What to do

Corfu is an island where you can choose your own holiday place, choose to relax on a beach – or become active. With an 18 – hole golf course which is numbered among the best in the world, a number of riding schools, several tennis clubs, among them the oldest in Greece, a tradition of cricket dating from the early 18th century (the six local clubs hold regular games on the town centre pitch), and a long-distance footpath and a mountainbike trail, not to mention sea-based sports such as diving, sailing and windsurfing, boat rentals, Albania adventure, Sivota (Blue Lagoon), Paxos-Antipaxos, Blue Caves, Parga, Aqualand, Hydropolis, bus tours, boat cruises, mountain safari, BBQ, backhorse riding, Greek Night, Corfu offers plenty for the active visitor.


Paxos/Antipaxos and the blue caves

As no Greek holiday is complete without a sea cruise, we offer you the opportunity to visit three wonderful places. The island of Paxos and Antipaxos, which are situated, close to the southern coast of Corfu, and also the famous blue Caves of Paxos.Legend has it that Paxos was formed when Poseidon severed the tip of Corfu with one mighty blow of his trident and dragged it south to create an idyllicretreat for his love, Amphitrite! The Legend goes on ,with Poseidon´s marble Palace which was situated in one of the blue cave of the island named Ipapanti.

Albanian adventure

For the more adventurous who wish to enjoy a different experience the following one day cruise to the fascinating country of Albania is on offer. After our departure from the port of Corfu we travel along the Albanian shores and we will approach the port of Ag. Saranda city.An additional guided tour is available for those who wish to enjoy a 20km tour by coach of the south coast with it’s virgin shores and scattered islands.The highlight of your day will be the excursion to Butrint – designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 1997.

Paxos and Parga

As no Greek holiday is complete without a sea cruise, we offer you the opportunity to visit two wonderful places. The picturesque town of Parga which lies on the Greek mainland and the island Paxos situated close to the southern coast of Corfu.

Live the experience…

  • Enthusiastic excursion
  • Discover scuba diving course and other certifications (CMAS,PADI,NAUI,IDEA,ESDA)
  • Underwater photo center
  • Dive in small groups with personal assistance
  • Children welcome
  • Accommodation
  • Spearfishing classes (learn or improve your apnea)


Do you love biking, exploring and a little adventure on your holiday but not quite ready to tackle what corfu has to offer alone? No worries, our experienced guides will take you all across the beautiful terrain Corfu has to offer, at the pace that’s right for you.
Mountain biking on Corfu, especially the Northern Coast, is an experience not to be missed. With a wide range of geographic terrain – from low lying valleys to Corfu’s largest mountain peak (1,000m+) taking a trek across such beautiful country is the perfect holiday activity.
Choose from a wide range of tours, which vary from easy to adventurous, mountain biking to relax trekking, nature experiences to hard core down hill!

The quad-bikes allow us to explore the most deserted places, away from tourism.

We will only take mountain roads and small forest trails, so you can perfectly experience the island’s magnificent countryside.Our route will take us through corfiot olive groves and many traditional mountain villages where time seems to have stopped.

We will pass Episkepsis to reach the island’s highest village, Strinilas where we will have our first coffee break.We will then head up Mount Pantokrator to reach the summit at 906 m where an incredible view awaits.

After a short break, the trip takes us to Old Perithia via Lafki. Old Perithia is a deserted village and the most mysterious in Corfu.The safari will then bring us down to the beach passing through several villages along the way. We will stop there for a peaceful seaside lunch break.

After swimming and eating, we will make our way back to the starting point along the northern coast.

  • During this offroad safari, adventure and excitement are guaranteed.
  • You can drive yourself or go as a passenger.
  • Trail Distance : 67 km.
  • Don’t forget your driving licence and your swimming suit.